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Pix & Bits- an example of what a business plan looks like

Business Plan Example - Pix & Bits

 All of the comments in the following business plan are based on two friends - Lucas and Helene - who want to start a small graphic design business called Pix & Bits.

Pix & Bits is a company that is presented as a real company. It serves as an example of what a business plan for a service company that works in the service sector can look like.

You can find the template for this business plan at the Dynamic Business Plan website.


We are two young graphic designers who are trying to start a small and creative agency here in the town of Aarhus. Our products are mainly based on designing and creating print and advertising materials, such as:

  • logo design
  • typography
  • design theory
  • art direction
  • ad design
  • web design
  • booth design
  • corporate design/corporate identity
  • layout
  • image processing
  • color management
  • pre-press
  • final draft,
  • llustration and Photography.

 Firstly, we work together for three other companies as freelance graphic designers, where we get around 100 hours’ of work every month. At the same time, we try and find our own customers, like small shops, stores, private people and small companies. We plan to find about three customers of our own per month.

 We will initiate contact with customers by visiting them personally and leaving our business card at their desk. After 1 week we call or visit them again, but that really depends on how much time and work we get.

On the internet we have our company philosophy, our works/references, and of course our contact information.

 We offer customers an “All-in-One-Concept“, which means we take care of all the things the customer needs for a good presentation of their business.

 With our practical work experience, our knowledge and our technical and vocational skills, we offer the market the same product as a big agency does - but for a cheaper price.

 “We make graphic design that everyone can afford. The price fits to the customer!”

 We don’t use much money for the start, so all the money we earn is more or less profit for our company. We don’t need any money for funding our startup, as we already have everything required

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